15 year old girl dating 18 year old boy poll

I loved it when he fell to the floor moaning and groaning!

As you’ll see, the high schoolers and the parents live on fairly different planets.

One time, I was spending the night at his house, and when we got ready for bed, he stripped down to just his boxer shorts, and I slapped him quickly in the balls, and he collapsed to the floor! Later than night I squeezed his balls when we were in bed, and he woke up to me doing stuff to his balls! Now I'm older, I still think it's fun to hit boys in the balls! She always giggles too and mocks me about it when I'm lying on the floor in pain and can't move!

I'm divorced once, and it's just me and my son in the house! I regularly hit his balls, everything from little slaps and pinches, to full blown punches, kicks and stomps! I hit his balls to punish him if he gets into trouble at school, and I also do it for my own entertainment quite a lot too! She does it in front of our mum too, and she just laughs and says "nice shot" or "make sure you don't pop anything sweetheart! One day we went to the swimming pool and afterwards my sister kicked me in the nuts, not very hard, but enough to make me double over, and my mum and sister giggled and my mum said "it's what sisters do!

She's now 17 and I'm 13 and she loves to surprise me with a kick, punch or knee to my balls!

She does it in front of my mum sometimes, and she just smiles and says "make sure you don't pop anything! Once, she brought some friends around and they stripped me down to my boxers (and later pulled them off) and they just kept hitting me to see how much my nuts could take!

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