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Tried of the sites run by non-autistic people, she and her mother decided to design a more appropriate website catering to the specific needs of different autistic individuals.

The website has caught public attention as it has been created by autistic individuals and for autistic individuals.

Early screening for autism can make a lifetime of difference. Learn About Screening "I’m proud of the fact that I can drive a car on my own, go from place to place and get to my appointments.

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In frustration, Cantu turned to social networking sites to find a friend.

To her dismay, she found these sites to be either biased or inadequate.

Cantu said most of the dating sites for autistic individuals do not try to understand the personality of its member, which is crucial to find a friend or partner.

Being autistic themselves, Cantu and Fitzpatrick understand the ordeal of social interactions, particularly with non-autistic people.

Nineteen-year-old Cantu and her 37-year-old mother, Kirsten Fitzpatrick, started the website with the aim to fill the gap left by other dating sites.The way to Paulette's heart is through her Outlook calendar.“Honestly, if you want to be romantic with me, send an email through Outlook and give me all the possible dates, locations, and times, so that I can prepare,” she said.An exclusive dating site for those on the autism spectrum is not entirely a new concept.However, the creators of the recently-launched Spectrum claim their site to be unique.

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