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The MBC reporter asked her if she had accepted the appointment of a lawyer for her by YG, and if Yang Hyun Suk had told her to change her testimony. According to news outlet Edaily and their investigation, “A” is Han Seo Hee. Han Seo Hee was arrested in August 2016 and the police found the messages between her and B. When the police questioned her regarding the delivery of LSD to B.

” When the reporter responded that they understand, she replied, “Ask… You honestly know.” MBC reported that while she acknowledged the intervention by YG, she was also concerned about being reprimanded by Yang Hyun Suk. Source (1) Original Article: The identity of “A” who chatted with B. She was previously indicted for smoking marijuana with T. Han Seo Hee was sentenced to four years of probation with the possibility of a three-year prison sentence if she commits a repeat offense during her probation period.

In their exclusive report, 'Dispatch' alleged that back in 2016, the i KON member faced suspicion of purchasing and using the illegal drug LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) through a female dealer 'A'. Honestly I f***ing wanna do it everyday, but the stuff is hella expensive. Like seeing things like they're graphics and hallucinations and stuff?

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