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While reading up on the topic of online dating, I came across an article in the that refers to as “the next generation of online dating.” Members purchase cards with phrases and give them to people they encounter in everyday life.

The website Ashley uses the trademarked slogan “Life is short. An article in asserts that “cheating has never been easier” now that the Ashley Madison website has applications for i Phone and Blackberry.

Tina provided much-needed relief from the drudgery of my cubicle existence.

These days, the word “date” means that we have a babysitter for a few hours, giving us time to grab a cheeseburger and a beer.

The site has 4 million members and includes options for males seeking males and females seeking females. Watch CEO Noel Biderman get grilled by the hosts of (a person involved with a website that facilitates cheating makes an easy target).

He downplays the influence of the website by saying “Ashley didn’t invent infidelity.” Touché.

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