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David D tells you how to basically hook a woman like a trout on a fly ?

and then you can keep her or toss her back at YOUR discretion!

Plus, the more insecure he became, the less time she seemed to want to spend with him. He confessed that he was in love, and that he would do anything to be with her. you're too important to me..."This only confused the man more. Did it mean that she really loved him too, but that she was afraid of something? The surprising thing is that those traits don't have anything to do with whether or not you look like Brad Pitt or drive a Viper. You've triggered an emotion that is repulsive to women. You can't "make a woman like you" or "change how she feels about you" by doing nice things for her...

He finally decided that he couldn't go on like this anymore... He had to make sure that she knew just how much he wanted to be with her... She made an excuse about being very busy, and said "I'll try to give you a call soon, I have to go"... Over the following months, the man tried desperately to understand what went wrong... " Why do men keep doing the things that cause the "Ewww effect" over and over? They're doing it because they don't have an understanding of ATTRACTION.

others the massive opportunity that is, selling information products online.

Eben Pagan (pen name David De Angelo) first released the book in 2001 after building a loyal following on dating forums.

There is this hideous little four letter word in the dating game that will instantly KILL any attraction a woman might have felt toward you. Sometimes she would say things like "You are so important to me" and "I'm glad that you're in my life"...

and the more time he spent with her, the more that attraction grew into a deep emotional attachment and affection for her. As his emotional attachment grew stronger and stronger, he also grew more and more insecure. Because he couldn't tell whether or not she felt the same way towards him.

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