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One day, each one of them discloses to the others that has met the perfect girlfriend.

Indeed, they discover that their girlfriends is the same woman called Mia.

They attend an Orioles Baseball game with the Mc Nulty boys and are seated in the front row.

Dennis is wearing a suit and spends most of the game talking on a cell phone.

Elena and Jimmy's marriage ended due to his infidelity.They meet each other once a week together with their married friend Eric to tell theirs dates, affairs and sex experiences along the week.Brad and Zeke are greater lovers and Jonathan loves to self-masturbate.Jimmy asked them to play cops and follow Stringer he lost them.When Elena heard this story she was incensed and filed for an emergency order to prevent him from seeing the boys.

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At the court hearing the judge convinced them to work out arrangements between themselves. Nick Sobotka and his girlfriend attend an open house that she has organized.

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