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After converting Live Photos to GIF files, transfer them to your Windows 10 PC to view them in the default Photos app or Windows Photo Viewer.Quite a few free utilities are around to convert videos to GIF files.If you don’t do this, the first part of your Live Photo will be of you moving the camera to frame the shot.Likewise, your i Phone will record for 1.5 seconds after you’ve pressed the shutter.You can even create stunning long exposure images with Live Photos. Simply open the built-in i Phone Camera app, and select Photo mode at the bottom of the screen.

There are dozens of apps out there to help convert Live Photos to GIF images.

Update your Autoload preferences under Autoload in your Account Settings.

If you want unused Autoload tokens credited back to your credit card, please contact Customer Service.

We tried Lively app but with default settings the image quality of GIF was not up to the mark as you can see in the picture below.

So we suggest you search the store and install either a paid or free app depending on your need.

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