Cbs rejects gay dating site

I never made any remark about blacks having ‘watered down’ their genes.

I never made or thought the statement attributed to me.

Blind-dating lawyers Jelani & Jenny chose to stay in separate rooms, as did So Cal couple Laura & Tyler.

Tyler said, “It’s nice to have our own time, and then…

At p.m., Jelani & Jenny ripped the clue, which told them to fly to Phuket, Thailand.

Once there, they’d have to make their way to Patong Beach, where they’d find their next clue under the Patong Beach sign.

But they added that they could run the Race as good friends.

In big-city schools, you have kids dropping out of seventh grade, and then those kids having babies, making for a society of people that don’t go through schools. With regard to his remarks about gays, Rooney said: “I feel very badly if I did anything to make their lives more difficult.

AIRPORT TROUBLES FOR TEAM NEW KID In Phuket, Thailand, Mike & Rochelle became the first previously-dating couple to win a leg.

Network officials declined to explain Thursday why Rooney had been suspended rather than dismissed.

Former CBS anchor Walter Cronkite released a statement in Rooney’s defense.“I’ve known Rooney for almost half a century and I know he’s not a racist,” Cronkite said.

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