Chen kun and zhao wei dating ruined castle dating from 1215

《演员和歌手》 ‘Actors and Singers’ was written by 28-year-old guitarist, producer, and singer 李荣浩 Li Ronghao (left above) and sung by him and 37-year-old actor and singer 陈坤 Chen Kun (right).

Li Ronghao has written songs or worked as a producer for 赵薇 Vicki Chao aka Zhao Wei, 信 Shin, 杨丞琳 Rainie Yang aka Yang Chenglin, 张信哲 Jeff Chang aka Zhang Xinzhe, 李宇春 Chris Lee aka Li Yuchun, etc.

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They have a larger online following than Oprah Winfrey or Obama, yet you might not know their name.

These are Chinese celebrities with the most fans on Sina Weibo.

With a viewership of tens of millions, it often holds first place in China’s total viewing ratings.

Many of them simply have become so big on Weibo because they were among the first celebrities to join the platform since its beginning in 2009.

Big names in this list, including Yao Chen, Chen Kun, and Guo Degang, already had over 54 million followers on the platform in 2013.

One example is comedian Papi Jiang, who became famous by posting funny videos of herself.

Nevertheless, the biggest Weibo stars are still the ‘traditional celebrities’ in the sense that they have made their big breakthrough through TV or cinema.

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