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Frankly, he wanted to tell his staff they were all whiners and to suck it up, but the last time he did that, he'd had to endure an hour of Elizabeth's 'Verbal abuse is bad for morale' lecture. This was his excuse for failing to notice that, despite being accompanied to the Pegasus Galaxy by a ridiculously hot one-eyed man, Rodney had been home for nearly two weeks without getting laid.

This is a work of fanfiction, which means I'm not making money from it.

Breakup rumors started to fuel on July 21, 2019, when Bea referring to being hurt multiple times by someone and that doing the same mistake twice was "ENOUGH" for her already.

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) had crushed a pair of golf balls with her bare hands to illustrate her point, which was certainly taking things too far. It was really long, and there were analogies to buying cows and lectures about my self esteem." Xander's face was entirely red now. Because I would ask someone else, believe me, if my choices didn’t consist of Ronon, who would probably tell me to just tie Xander up and drag him back to my quarters, and Radek, who’s the worst gossip on Atlantis.

When Rodney stepped out onto the balcony, the redhead grabbed Reagan by the arm and dragged her toward the door. "And then she brought out a copy of mmplhbo.""I'm sorry, I don't speak immature mumbling. " Rodney asked, crossing his arms."A copy of Cosmo," Xander said in a rush. Her plan was pretty much for me to stay away from you, which is surprisingly straightforward as her plans go.” Rodney felt a cold wave of disappointment wash through him at the idea of Xander simply staying away from him. He’d probably put out a mass email about this, just to pay me back for cancelling his simulation last week.” “Okay, fine. But don’t blame me if I’m not that much help,” Sheppard said warningly, gathering his tray and tilting his head in a ‘follow me’ motion.

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If you've been waiting for updates on my WIPs, I can only apologize and say I'll add to them as soon as the words will come.

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