Dating 50 years old

If you think the rules of dating in 2019 are confusing, you should thank your lucky stars you weren’t single 50 years ago.

Though hippies and “free love” had taken over the counterculture during the late 1960s, most of mainstream America was still abiding by old school dating protocol.

“Pay your own and your girl’s way.” But what if a woman was more than capable of paying and actually to pick up the check?

In 1969, Abigail Van Buren, the advice columnist otherwise known as Dear Abby, offered a simple compromise.

For most folks, there was a formality to dating that made the process feel like applying for a real estate loan.

“It all evens out.” “A sensible way to stay out of trouble is to keep active and busy,” Landers suggested in .Men can’t always be held responsible for their own actions, especially when their hormones are raging.As Duvall reminded young daters in , “When you step into a car, [a girl is] just as responsible as the driver for what goes on. If [a girl] lets the boy drive too fast, she shares the guilt if an accident occurs.” You’ve been warned, ladies! “Instead of teasing her and trying to make her feel inferior, a fellow shows himself a much better sport if he gives her a break and a helping hand once in a while,” Richardson suggested.“Channel your energies into constructive outlets,” suggested famed advice columnist Ann Landers in her 1961 book . But that doesn’t mean they had to stick to topics that appealed only to a manly brain. “Do remember that not all girls share your enthusiasm for spark plugs and cylinders,” warned Allen and Briggs.“And don’t expect her hair to stand on end from sheer excitement if you rehash a football game, play by play.

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