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I've always had 110% support and if someone did have something bad to say, I would just tell them that I'm looking after myself, so they should concentrate looking after their own self.

We're not doing anything wrong and it's nobody else's business.

But the way I see it, what I'm doing doesn't affect them.

My sister does; nothing surprises her, and she respects me for going after what I am curious about and interested in.

I'm very spontaneous and quite impulsive so I would just go on whatever feels right and makes me feel good.

"But for the time being, I'm going to be selfish because I want to experience what I want to experience and I can't give someone all of me if I'm still looking for new experiences. There's nothing wrong with being open about what you want, is there?

One thing led to another, and I ended up staying the night in his penthouse apartment.

"The sex was steamy, and his attentive ways during foreplay were so satisfying. "The oldest man I've dated was 65 the time and we had sex several times.

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And there was an essence of being naughty and wrong, which also really appeals to me.

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