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I just might give you a long lecture on why you should never write any email in Comic Sans. Especially when that which you create is destined for my inbox. I'm going to call colors by their proper names so get over it. So don't expect me to just snap something and toss it up. On the upside, I'll save you from posting terrible ones! Also I will definitely show up to dinner with ink/paint/clay under my fingernails more than once. So I hope your mom isn't the kind of woman who is freaked out by such a thing. If I tell you that I like a certain band and you spend the next five minutes telling me that you hate them and why.You're going to make me feel like my opinion isn't valid and I'll likely feel like you're talking down to me and making fun of me.Well, your boyfriend will never be able to accuse you of being unaffectionate, because your cards will be filled with touching words and pictures.

While some women wear one particular shirt with the same pair of jeans, you know how to match that same shirt with dozens of different items to create dozens of different outfits.

Maybe you'll combine two of his favorite foods to create the ultimate dessert that he'll always ask for.

Maybe you'll go a bit overboard and create the worst tasting slop he's ever tried. Whether you're skilled at art, music, or writing, you have an advantage in the dating world, because you know how to create something out of nothing.

Emily's Take: When reading your e-mail you made sure to tell me all of the things that you don't like and hardly anything that you do.

I imagine that's the real reason that you're having trouble breaking into "mainstream America's dating scene." I have gone on dates with people that automatically tell me everything they hate and it is such a turn off.

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