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Younas, 33, is particularly keen to grow Muzmatch, which is based in London, in Canada and the United States.

I get that Muz Match is trying to be ironic, but still...)..

I've never used the site, and I find the name off-putting (I've heard that the pronunciation "Muzz-lim" instead of "Mus-lim" came about because in Arabic, the word "zalim" is oppressor, so anti-Muslim types (or maybe just colonial Brits) popularized that pronunciation...

and just in general, the "z" pronunciation sounds harsh.

It doesn't reaaaaaallly matter, but if you consider how much private info & correspondence flows through the sites, it is very preferable for the sites to be created by practising Muslims.

In general, I would suggest creating an anonymous email address specifically for sites like that, so then you can maintain some anonymity even on a site like Isqhr...

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