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For some people, contractions may feel like extreme period pains.

You may have had contractions during your pregnancy, particularly towards the end.

If you go to the hospital or maternity unit, they may suggest you go back home.

Find out more about the stages of labour and what you can do at home during the latent phase.

Before the tournament begins the jousters parade accompanied by an oboist and a drummer playing the traditional jousting tune.

In 1998, after releasing multiple EPs and three full-length albums, the band briefly disbanded, but soon reformed, announcing their continuation as Hot Water Music at the concert recorded for Live at the Hardback.

The band continued to play previously booked shows with The Flatliners' Chris Cresswell and Chris De Makes of Less Than Jake filling in for Wollard at several dates.

As of their 2019 25th anniversary tour Cresswell was still filling in for Wollard on guitar and vocals.

Then perched on the boat platform ("tintaine"), their chest protected by their shield, they prod their opponent with an iron tipped wooden spear, with the aim of making their opponent fall over board.

These battles have strict rules and disqualification is immediate if they are not respected. For the winner of the heavyweight tournament on the Monday of the festival, the prize is no less than immortality...

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