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that shotgun that you have may be a smith and Wesson model 916A.

i hope that this may help you in your endeavors happy hunting Answer 12 GA is the size and the name of the bullet this pump action is they classfication of your gun the pump action is a driscriptive of the loading charactrist of our gun which loads a cartridge or shotgun shell in case of a 12 this is done mostly…

The round remained popular in the United States and Europe long after the firearms chambered for it were out of production.

For defensive uses, the .32 S&W is grouped with other turn-of-the-century cartridges designed for use in "belly guns"—guns meant for use in point-blank defensive situations, such as in a carriage or an alleyway.

Since the .32 S&W headspaces on the rim and shares the rim dimensions and case and bullet diameters of the longer .32 S&W Long, the .32 H&R Magnum cartridges, and the .327 Federal Magnum, .32 S&W cartridges may be fired in arms chambered for these longer cartridges.

Longer cartridges are unsafe in short chambers, so none of these longer and more powerful cartridges should be loaded into arms designed for the .32 S&W.

These cartridges include the .25 ACP, and the .22 Short, Long, and Long Rifle.

For comparison, the .32 S&W projectile is over 40% larger in diameter and over twice as heavy as the 40-grain lead round-nose bullet used in the .22 Long Rifle of its day (known as standard velocity today).

The .32 S&W was offered to the public as a light defense cartridge for "card table" distances.Antique Smith and Wesson revolvers represent some of the most highly collectable pieces from one of America’s most historic gun manufacturers. If you don’t see the antique Smith and Wesson revolvers you’re looking for, bookmark our Browse our selection of antique Smith and Wesson revolvers below.Our inventory includes everything from the Civil War era Smith and Wesson .32 Army #2 revolver to 1st and 2nd model Americans to the D. For other categories of collectable firearms, visit our antique handguns, Colt, and Winchester pages.This performance made guns chambered in .32 S&W, sometimes referred to as .32 Short, very popular as a gentleman's "vest gun".The .32 S&W Long cartridge is derived from the .32 S&W, by increasing the overall brass case length, to hold more powder.

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