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We’re comfortable enough knowing the majority of their food is clean, fresh and plant-based. We sit down together every single night—no exceptions. That being said, dinner didn’t always rank as a priority because of how stressful it had become.

As my dietary restrictions shifted, feeding each member their own personal preferences became a juggling act for my man (who does almost all of the cooking).

Establish whether or not you are comfortable raising your children as vegans (or non-vegans) and why; discuss whether or not there will be exceptions; talk openly and honestly about why you feel the way you do and research the topic .

In our household, 90 percent of our meals are completely vegan.

As a vegan, you’re probably no stranger to the limited options some restaurants provide.

Add dietary restrictions like food allergies or sensitivities to the mix and you’ve got a panic attack waiting to happen with each new menu you peruse.

Each relationship will have different guidelines, but it is a fair request to have your omnivorous lover to store his meat someplace you don’t routinely navigate.

Call ahead or look at a menu online to be sure that you’ll have options that will satisfy—this will also eliminate potential guilt-traps for your partner.If the presence of the non-vegan items upset you still, consider a small, mini-fridge as a space to exclusively house your honey’s less-than-appealing groceries.Be open and communicative about what your partner can expect of you and your hands.Opening our hearts to a new person ranks high on the list of the most beautiful, exciting, fulfilling events we experience in a lifetime; but the process doesn’t come without its own set of obstacles.We invest precious time and energy getting to know another soul, enjoying time together, but all the while figuring out if they’re a proper fit.

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