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But they’re still reporting, yes, this has happened,” she adds.

“I think they might not realize that what they’re talking about is an unhealthy relationship.”These concerns aside, Saewyc cautions that it’s really hard to pin down why these trends occur because you can’t ask follow-up questions.

Using the CTS, the respondents were queried about personal and social relationships.

The findings, however, are specific to Canadian youth, and so they may potentially highlight differences between nations.

The most recent Youth Risk Behavior Survey done by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for example, shows that 9.1 percent of girls experience physical dating violence compared with 6.5 percent of boys.

Questions included whether the respondent could control his or her anger, how they coped with it, and if they assigned blame for becoming angry to their partner.

Further questions focused on communication, including disagreements about relationships with others and with partners.

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