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They should be in your life as your friend not playing at replacement parent.

Be very careful about getting remarried and having more children if you have older kids.

There ARE responsible single parents out there who manage to date and remarry without screwing up their kids.

It's possible to date as a single mom and not expose your kids to a rotating door of men. I've encountered this kind of thinking from other sources too. Your only worth is what you sacrifice for your child.Parents should praise kids’ intellectual, creative, and athletic abilities, but value their effort, hard work, and character over achievements.is far more important than looks or personal accomplishments.If women are going to represent themselves as sex objects, then there will be no equality between males and females.I get so many calls from parents concerned about their kids being out of control and acting like they are adults in committed relationships.

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In short, parents really need to recommit to being parents.

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