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Brown,” “Chocolat,” “Iris,” “Shakespeare in Love” and other films, after she had been starring in a sitcom with her husband in England. Dench pulled down her pants and flashed the tattoo at Mr. Dench told her, “I hear you’ve been doubting my love for Harvey? Is the Weinstein tattoo real or simply drawn on by her makeup artist when she needs it, given that she once threatened to switch it to Kevin Spacey when he was the head of the Old Vic? Johnny Depp and I will go to our graves thinking she’s the hottest of them all.”I ask her if there’s a trick, when you’re the daughter of a doctor and a wardrobe mistress, to playing a monarch as well as she does.“It is more difficult finding out you’re saying the lines,” she says.As a young actress, she said, someone told her she would never make it in movies because “you have everything wrong with your face.”“I’d like to know where that idiot is working now,” Mr. Weinstein at a celebrity lunch she arranged at the Four Seasons in 2002 with Mike Nichols, Nora Ephron, Carly Simon and others, and again at the BAFTA awards when Mr. Dench to show his gift to a skeptical Oprah Winfrey at Royal Albert Hall.“I walked in and I saw Harvey, and I said, ‘Hello, Harvey,’ and I dropped my pants down,” Ms. “It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing a monarch or you’re playing a slut down the street.Martin’s for her 81st birthday at the urging of her daughter, Finty. Weinstein isn’t sure, but he does know this: “She is one of the world’s great actresses but also great personalities.Most memorably, she etched a message on her “bum” that said, “JD loves HW,” with a heart with an arrow through it, in gratitude to Harvey Weinstein for making her a movie star in “Mrs. Weinstein recalls, “turned into a 12-year-old squealing girl” after Ms. She speaks in the Queen’s English so elegantly and then she’s flirting and speaking like British sailors on shore leave.I watch as Dame Judi Dench eats her chilled corn soup with saffron and sips Champagne. Dench is one of the greatest British actresses — a star alum of the Royal Shakespeare Company, Sally Bowles in the London production of “Cabaret” and an Oscar winner for her eight-minute turn as Queen Elizabeth I in “Shakespeare in Love.”She died in James Bond’s arms, as the murdered spymaster M. Lingerie, tattoos, rap music, younger men, sex and her hobby of embroidering cushions with raunchy sayings. Brown,” the saga of how the queen grew close to a younger man, a servant who doted on her after her beloved Albert died, outraging her household.At 82, she is just as elegant as you would imagine, with silver hair, ice-blue eyes and crisp diction. And she has portrayed so many queens on stage and screen that when she plays a duchess, it seems like a demotion. Now she is back in Oscar contention for “Victoria & Abdul,” the saga of how the queen grew close to another younger man, also a servant who doted on her after the other one died, again outraging her household.

But what really caught the eye was one of the future King with Miss Moneypenny actress Naomie Harris.Actually, she’s quite open about her new beau and he’s with her in New York. Dench’s husband of nearly 30 years, the actor Michael Williams, who sent her a red rose every Friday, died of lung cancer in 2001.She met David Mills, a conservationist, in 2010 when he invited her to help open a new red-squirrel enclosure at the wildlife center he runs near her home in Surrey, England.And suddenly, that wonderful kind of flowering, where she thought, ‘This is really something worth living for.’”She said she understands that “heady state” well, discovering someone you can laugh with and learn from.“As a person,” she said, “I’m very, very susceptible.

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