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Dwarves who are compatible enough, and who chat enough, can become lovers.In order to be eligible for this, a dwarf has to be an adult, not have an age difference higher than ten years, be orientation-compatible, not be too closely related to their new friend, and have no other spouse or lover (even dead! (However, it might be possible for a widow/widower dwarf to end up taking a new lover or spouse in very rare situations.).Dwarves who are busy eating, drinking, or doing any job, will not chat with one another.This has the amusingly realistic effect that two dwarves who work side by side for years may barely know each other, or even not at all.

Often, the strongest relationship are between dwarves from the same migrant wave, despite time spent with dwarves from other waves.Relationships are important because their presence or absence has an important effect on the dwarf in question.Note that when it comes to familial relationships, the dwarves in question do not have to be in your fortress.These begin as passing acquaintances, who will then become long-term acquaintances (if the two aren't too compatible, but not too incompatible) or friends (if the two dwarves are compatible enough).Dwarves who are too incompatible may instead form grudges.

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