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I personally think they’re really good, though I have yet to be able to find any of their music on a download site or on CD.I was also unable to dig up any pictures of the band aside from an album cover and there really wasn’t a whole lot of info about them online. No screamo with these guys, so if that’s your thing then you might want to pass on checking them out.You may meet someone who doesn’t look or dress emo but deep down they are emo inside, they just haven’t realised it yet. Find out where local emos hang out, it may be down the skate park, in Hot Topic or loads of other random places.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if they resurface, though it looks fairly doubtful. Anyways, I highly recommend checking them out if you’re interested in the softer angst ridden side of emo music.

Seeing emo bands is a great place to find other emos, especially as you know they like the bands you do as well.

Once you’ve made new friends you’ll hopefully have met at least one person you like a lot.

The Poetry section has been approved for Emo Rawr, so from now on, every Monday a new poem will be posted by someone from one of the two forums.

If you want your poetry published on the site, please submit it via the Promote section of the Emo Rawr forum.

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