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GROWING up as a queer Asian person in Australia can be a unique and tiring ordeal.

Trying to figure out which culture you belong to as well as dealing with potential racism is a commonly shared experience. In attendance was an audience compromised of mostly gay Asian men and we all silently acknowledged each other’s collective experiences as some chuckled at this comment.

Suddenly, the stranger starts to kiss Ryan’s neck and in that particular moment you enter the same space as we imagine ourselves in Ryan’s place of who to pursue.

Ryan is a character who embodies the first-generation story of an Asian person born into Western society.At the event, we were given 12 dates at five minutes each and no one was allowed to talk about work.Interestingly a lot of the people I came across were open to everyone in terms of race when I asked them.The underlying sentiments behind these words were all understood like a piece of ironic fashion though.We all knew because of our shared cultural background that we all took part on a similar journey of sexual racism.

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