Gemini man dating aquarius woman

I love the fact that he Is so original andunpredictable my god..... I find myself wanting him around because he calms my nerves plus other reasons.He Is like mybest friend and my lover, we can tell each other anything and I love that.He says he can no longer trust me and can not build a future with awoman who has been with two men on the same night and that all plans are off. He loathes me right now, will heever forgive me and will he ever forget about that Indiscretion.I love thisman with everything that's good Inside me.Im a Gemini and Im very driven don't have time for screw ups...that's badbusiness If he was a part of my company he would be fired long ago I am a Gemini woman, with Aquarius man for a couple of years.He's a mess with lots ofpast Issues that he can not let go.

During thepregnancy he pulled away a little and I was going to leave him. So we stayed together and moved Into our own place andeverything was going great. his friends starting coming around and Itcaused some problems.

AQUA GIRLIm currently seeing Aquarius he confuses me when we were on our datethis waiter came to take our order and he asked him If that I was hisgirlfriend and then couple days later I don't hear from him till 3 dayslater...what's the deal he would call 7 days a week and then skip 2 days, andbeen two days I finally called him and he hung up on me?

what's his deal I think I should just tell him that Im done with his game, I have better things to do to Invest with my time than to waste It on a Immature guy that's too gutless to tell me he's no longer Interestedthan being passive wuss about It..

This Is probably enough for some people but not for me.

I am a Gemini woman who's In love with my Aquarius man.

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Wow he used to drain me, then I ran from his ass, straight Into my current boyfriend lol...

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