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Otherwise, take a fresh copy of your backup or the pst-file that you imported from.

Then connect to the pst-file in Outlook via: File-If you did find your Contacts in that pst-file, you can select them all (CTRL A) and move them (CTRL SHIFT V) or copy them (CTRL SHIFT Y) to your main contacts folder.

My emails and everything are there but the Address Book was not included. There are various things which could have gone wrong here.

I work for an MSP and one of my clients is running Exchange 2010 on Server 2008R2.

I created an alternative OAB, connected it to the Default GAL, made that OAB the defualt OAB, and tried to download it through Outlook.

Visit Stack Exchange I've been doing enterprise IT for about 8 years and have never had to ask a question in a forum, because you lovely folks had already answered all my questions for other people.

I've never had any issues until a few weeks ago: New users are added to AD (2008R2 functional level) and then mailboxes are created in Exchange.

Everything goes well, the new users signs into Windows, launches Outlook, and the wizard starts setting up their mailbox.

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Two popular tools for this are: Aside from it being a slow process and prone to errors, you’ll also lose various meta-data and settings which you might not want to lose either.

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