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A few months ago, I was looking at a trend for Niche Pursuits, and I was not happy.

The organic search traffic was trending down the last few months of the year and it had me a little worried. I could certainly pump out more great content and start ranking for this new content.

I didn't have to wait weeks or months, it was almost immediate! 2019: Want an update on an article that talks about updating content? However, did my articles continue to perform well in Google after the updates I made?

Or did they only get a small “freshness” boost and then quickly fade back to where they were before?

Some went up just a little, but others increased an enormous amount.

The self-publishing article increased by over 712% in the first 30 days!

First, I had to identify which blog posts to update.

Overall, most of the examples below continued to stay or even increase in terms of traffic even a full year later!

However, a couple of the articles I updated saw an initial boost and then faded.

In order to show the results I quickly achieved, I'm sharing a screenshot from the 30 days prior to updating the content and the 30 days after updating the content. 2019: I've kept the original screenshots for you to see.

But I've also added 2 additional screenshots that show what happened 1 year after the updates were made.

Search for google updating website:

google updating website-12

The way to do it is by creating what is called a “live” spreadsheet.

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