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As Pete Hegseth cringed at his mistake, the axe flew right into the West Point drummer, Jeff Prosperie.The incident never made it on the air, but it was captured by a witness and the footage found its way to the internet this week.“I was hit by an axe while performing a drum solo live on National TV…..words I never imagined saying!Johnny’s a big hero…Madison Bumgarner’s wife Ali Bumgarner is proof positive that Madison is mature beyond his years.Aside from being a one of the majors best lefties, earning millions of dollars and already having a couple World Series rings, the ice in his veins ace has put the playoff baseball world on notice.It’s possible that she already moved but didn’t update her living status yet.But unless she was following the bus in AAA, it’s all very new for the newest major league couple.Since they married…Hunter Strickland’s wife Shelley Strickland just gave birth to the couple’s first baby in April of 2017.

He posted a special appreciation for Shelley and his own mother on…Christian Arroyo’s girlfriend Jessica Handler is a former cheerleader at USF. These two have been dating for quite some time, and finally tied the knot in November of 2017.According to a television interview for NBC, they met while they took the SAT’s.Bumgarner is already married, despite his young age, and rocket to stardom.His marriage to Ali very likely plays a role in how he…

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host was filming a segment earlier this month on Flag Day and the Army’s 240th birthday when he decided to go off script and throw a razor-sharp ax at a nearby target.

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