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When someone you care about is acting selfish, you need to set boundaries.

Determine what you can let slide and what you need the correct amount of attention in.

Sometimes people act a certain way because of a past experience, so before completely dismissing your partner try to get to the root of their actions.

However, with astute approach and intelligent communication, you may turn aggression into cooperation, and condescension into respect.

From a personal standpoint, life is too short to deal with many of these manipulative a*^holes, so if you can avoid them altogether, do so.

If however you're stuck with them, like a boss, then the best thing you can do is to learn how to deal with them.

While the knee-jerk reaction might be to blow up at them and start an argument, there are much more tactful ways to bring up the delicate request. It's time to pump the brakes on the lavish love and attention you focused on your partner, and put that amount of devotion towards yourself.

Lifestyle writer David William from Lifehack pointed out, "Ignoring your needs to pour attention and energy into a self-absorbed person isn’t virtuous.

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There are tons of books on dealing with these people, but considering how much is on the Internet, it's worth looking into. Some people try to be tall by cutting off the heads of others.”— Paramhansa Yogananda Most of us encounter aggressive, intimidating, or controlling personalities at some points in our lives.

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