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Overall, this wireless camera system from CCTV Camera Pros provides a versatile, all-in-one wireless transmission solution for IP cameras and CCTV cameras.It offers the best performance in all environments and weather conditions and provides integrators and installers with a system that is easy to set-up, simple to install and operate.Because the system is full-duplex, it supplies a very stable wireless link.The system also uses image processing software to deliver hi-definition, full-motion, ripple-free video up to 3 miles (WIFI-NAN72) or 1 mile (WIFI-EH9500) with direct line-of-sight.The main purpose of these systems is to provide a cost-effective solution for remote and hard-to-reach camera locations where dredging and cable laying is not practical or is too expensive.The use the latest digital wireless OFDM modulation in the less crowded 5GHz radio band, providing transmission rates that significantly reduce signal interference.The WIFI-EN95610 and WIFI-EH9500 wireless security camera systems are new high performance digital wireless security camera transmission systems.These are our most popular and most recommended systems.

This displays a simple example of how an installer can deploy a surveillance system across multiple buildings that are not wired together or even on the same IP network. In this example, building A contains two CCTV cameras (analog cameras) that are wired directly to the hybrid NVR / DVR using RG59 coax cable or pre-made plug and play CCTV cables.

With our Wireless TV Headphones you can enjoy those late-night sports events, movies, news and comedy shows you love -- without disturbing others.

There are three types of technology to consider when choosing a Wireless TV Headphone: IR (Infra-Red), RF (Radio Frequency) or BT (Bluetooth).

Our system engineers can help design a wireless video surveillance system that fits your needs and can include any of the following parts: wireless access points, , long-range wireless antennas, indoor and outdoor IP cameras, Po E network switches, NVRs (network DVRs for IP cameras), hybrid DVRs that work with analog and IP cameras, cables, and any other accessories and tools that you need.

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