Intimidating office chair

His competitor didn't receive a chamber endorsement for the Aug. Pinkston said he has “excellent relations” with school district employees.

“I am proud to have earned the endorsement of our teachers and support employees.

"It is abusive conduct or acts that would cause a reasonable person based on the severity, nature or frequency of conduct to believe that the employee was subject to an abusive work environment," Hargis said. A government ethics expert added that while civility might not be a requirement for school board members, public officials should refrain from disrespectful behavior.

“Any actions that show disrespect, lack of civility, pettiness — things of that nature — raise an appearance of impropriety and the public can lose trust in those public officials,” said Hana Callaghan, a Santa Clara University expert on government ethics.

Usually, I would see an email about me that was sent to someone else in the organization asking them to do something because of my incompetence.” Pinkston said he's blunt in his criticisms, adding that people often tell him they like what he says, but not how he says it.

His caustic communications have come under fire this election season, with the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce deciding not to endorse Pinkston after it backed him in 2012. Pinkston’s public battles on social media and his attacks on officials with whom he disagrees have limited his effectiveness,” the chamber said.

The principal of the school that Egly taught at and district officials spoke with him about his social media conduct after Pinkston emailed district executives about the tweets.Our employees have told me countless times that they’re grateful I stood up to a Central Office bureaucracy that had failed students, parents, teachers, and taxpayers," Pinkston said."Nashville’s schools are thankfully under new management, and we’re now heading in the right direction.” Five other current or former school district employees in interviews with The Tennessean recounted similar interactions with Pinkston."The concerns that were brought to me were about reaching deep into the organization and some interactions that could be perceived as disrespectful," Gentry said."I was not privy to those interactions." Gentry said the schools director must empower the staff to speak up when board members overstep their boundaries.

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