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They’re designed to give you a quick overview of what’s happening as the results come in.At the Washington Post, we wanted to display the election maps everyone is familiar with, but we also wanted to provide a fast interactive experience.

By using cartograms with equal-sized units for each legislative seat, we can try to provide a more accurate view of the proportional results. All it cares about is that these coordinates are consistent in relation to each other. For a town built around government and politics, it’s the Super Bowl, Oscars, and Kentucky Derby all rolled into one.There are many, many approaches to creating classically-designed election maps.This has some weird effects — if you compare it to a standard base tile layer, the U. is centered over Null Island, stretching out over the Atlantic and West and Central Africa.tiles/%-z4-6.mbtiles: geojson/albers/us-lowzoom/%mkdir -p $(dir [email protected]) tippecanoe --projection EPSG:3857 \ -f \ --named-layer=$* \ --read-parallel \ --no-polygon-splitting \ --detect-shared-borders \ --minimum-zoom=4 \ --maximum-zoom=6 \ --drop-rate=0 \ --name=2016-us-election-$* \ --output [email protected] process had a couple of extra steps depending on the data we were trying to output. Additionally, since the House district shapefile isn’t clipped to the U. States close to the coast, for example, will appear unnecessarily rotated.So we wanted to show individual states in a standard Web Mercator projection, which meant that we had two versions of each layer, Albers and Mercator, and changed the sources as needed.

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Also, using the new Feature State API meant we could push data updates to our features more quickly, and that interaction with the maps themselves would be faster We originally built our election map app in 2016, and since two years is an eternity in the world of online media, there was a lot that we needed to rebuild or refactor, including how we integrated Mapbox itself.

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