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The works which captured the public's imagination for their pictorial brilliance, such as Night on Bare Mountain and Pictures at an Exhibition, and in performances of authentically hard-headed brilliance, directed by Igor Markevitch.

So too is his masterpiece, Boris Godunov, and in a legendary recording featuring perhaps the most renowned interpreter of the doomed and haunted eponymous tsar, Boris Christoff.

KYT-lyhenne ohjaa kyttmn hyvksytyksi valittua asiasanaa, eik ohjaustermi saa kytt asiasanana.

KYT-viittaus karsii synonyymeja sek yhdist merkitykseltn lheisi termej.

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Mussorgsky / Gewandhausorchester Leipzig Release Date: 09/24/2013 Label: Brilliant Classics Catalog #: 94670 Spars Code: DDD Composer: Modest Mussorgsky Performer: Alexander Warenberg, G. Conductor: Igor Markevitch, Issay Dobrowen, Atanas Margaritov, Evgeny Brazhnik Orchestra/Ensemble: Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, ORTF National Orchestra, Russian Orthodox Cathedral of Paris Choir, ...

Siit lytyy mys viittauksia saman aihepiirin laajempiin ja suppeampiin sek rinnakkaisiin termeihin.

The oboe sounds rather tubby and inelegant throughout.Hierarkkinen suhde osoitetaan lyhenteill LT (laajempi termi) ja ST (suppeampi termi). Assosiaatiosuhde osoitetaan lyhenteell RT (rinnakkaistermi, vierustermi). RT-suhde ohjaa sanaston kyttj huomaamaan tiettyyn asiaan liittyvt muut asiasanat. Ne ovat vlittmsti asiasanan jlkeen ilman erillist lyhennekoodia. ohjeita sanastoon sisltymttmien asiasanojen kytst (ns. But in many ways the songs lie at the heart of Mussorgsky's output, not least because they are our purest access to the composer's imagination, the larger-scale pieces sometimes needing and in any case receiving extensive intervention from later admirers and composers such as Rimsky-Korsakov and Shostakovich, who wanted Mussorgsky's music to survive way beyond his drunken and chaotic life.Other information: - Mussorgsky left many of his works unfinished, or even destroyed them.

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