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At the organisational level, knowledge management will need to extend to managing cultural knowledge.

Keep active connections with cultural communities in the local area.

Developing a cultural competency plan means assessing and addressing each expected outcome of the standards according to the degree to which it could be interpreted and achieved in diverse cultural contexts.

Organisations and the individuals within them must develop the capacity to do each of the following.

We also embed our cultural view in the way we try to shape the world, through formal and informal education, law, policy, workplace culture and more.

Services often jump straight into service adaptations based on the visible parts of culture – those things that are expressed through behaviour, such as language, food, dress and the expression of cultural celebrations.

A 2012 report by the National Institute of Labour Studies identified that one in four workers in community care is fluent in a language other than English (this includes second generation Australians who speak their parent’s first language as well as English).

Cultural safety describes a situation where clients can feel comfortable, accepted, and able to express themselves culturally, knowing that they are understood and do not need to explain themselves.

We often think of culture through the diversity indicators of country of birth and language spoken at home, but it’s actually much more complex than that.

Culture involves our values, attitudes and beliefs. What one sees as ‘respect’ or ‘disrespect’ is dependent on one’s cultural view.

Cultural diversity in your workforce is a significant asset to an organisation.

A culturally diverse workforce assists an organisation to achieve cultural safety for service users. An organisation wanting to move with the reality that Australia is an increasingly culturally diverse nation will need to be prepared to engage in cross-cultural dialogue and to change culturally, as much as it is trying to influence others culturally.

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