Metropolis transgender dating

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They probably give each other sexy manual abortions with their beautifully gnarled suntanned hands. But it’s been so long already that you haven’t exactly been a woman any more.

It’s been so long already, and while you can it – I mean you can picture the Vuvalini seeing the dyke inside you, stroking your face in recognition; you can imagine sitting there in the backseat with them, languid and tuff like it’s a Saturday night and you’re all just driving around in shitty cars drinking and singing – you’re not one of them any more, and while you might be able to imagine it just fine, you don’t experience it the same way.

I mean fully hetero, fully cismale – you’re so fully hetero cismale and you love your mother so much you just need to crawl up inside her face and become her.

So you’re strapped to the front of a War Rig with your mother’s scream plastered onto your own for the rest of your life, and all you can do for forever now is just thrash the shit out of your . Or (like Judith Butler said) that’s the melancholic desire at the heart of hetero cismale for you: a bunch of hopped-up macho figureheads bulldozing through the desert, their mothers’ death screams frozen onto their own faces, their guitars spewing their own endless screams.

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Role play is one of my favourite things especially being your naughty secretary who needs spanking.

In case you didn’t get it, George Miller will give it to you twice: Max Rockatansky, bound and gagged Takashi Miike-style, another figurehead. Furter souped-up version of all of them – all the War Boys of the oil refineries and aquifers.

And fuck them anyway, here come the Vuvalini of Many Mothers with their replendent weatherbeaten faces and white hair and bags of seeds and homegrown knowledge of the body and nomadic clan-commons straight out of a Sylvia Federici screenplay.

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But the compulsion-to-repeat is really your only option once someone saws your mother’s head off and tosses it into your little pre-adolescent lap and you cradle her head there in a freaked-out stupor for three days, the way the Coma-Doof Warrior did, and you weren’t old enough to know not (for a variety of reasons) to do that.

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