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(Ok, a lot of you asked about Twin Flames so I sat down with my spirit guides and this is what they told me….Finding our soul mate is a romantic vision for many, but one that feels like an elusive fantasy; an ideal we may never realize.Okay, So, we all know that this is a twinsouls board and im going to say MOST of us are in love with our twin souls and crap like that... Alot of people, even myself tell me to go off and meet other people and date other people and I find nothing wrong with that except for one teensy weensy problem...

You need to discover who you are, honor yourself and begin following your heart.Married people who are not twins find their twins and become attatched to their twins and then their marriages start to shatter??? I personally dont think one should get into "serious" relationships after finding Ts, but thats just my opiinion..i mean..u can have a one night stand if you want to.dont get serious like as in marriage because you know like i know you will always think of your twin if this "is" really your other half? And youeed to remember the universe will continue to play its games. Here are the different characteristics of each relationship: Soulmate Relationship At different times of our lives we will need and want different types of relationships.Neither is better or worse than the other, it is all a personal decision and one that you will feel guided to as long as you are following your heart.

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When you align with your true self, you are then instantly in the vibration of meeting your soul-mate.

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