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Could a dating site for adult Disney lovers be harbouring my knight in shining armour?Or perhaps a shared admiration for outdoor pursuits could see me hike into the arms of my one true love? Armed with my i Pad and smartphone I set about on the challenge of trialling seven of the UK’s most unique dating resources in seven days in the hope of infiltrating the untapped world of niche dating.But alongside the uprising of the “swipe right” apps came a number of lesser publicised niche dating sites designed to aid very specific groups of people in their quest for love.Could a mutual wheat intolerance be enough to ignite romance?The men on Luxy may (or may not) be millionaires but unfortunately money doesn’t buy manners or good grammar.Messages from one gentlemen include: “What r I looking for X”, “Money X”, “I am urs X”.I wonder if he’s received a mother’s chat about stranger danger. My initial reaction is to wonder why he is online dating but the more I mull on the events I decide he’s probably right. After an unexpected break from my week of dating I’ve woken up feeling a little deflated.

I swallow back the small amount of vomit that comes into the back of my throat and I join the hoards of young attractive women with “undisclosed” incomes.

But unfortunately I have awoken to requests for pictures, and I get the impression it isn’t my face he was interested in.

Man and pup deleted and it is back to the drawing board for Thursday’s date. Luxy is a second app with an anxious period of assessment based on appearances but in addition to the shallow admissions process this is designed for millionaires.

Filling out the form I cite Mulan’s “I’ll make a man out of you” as my favourite song and log my Star Wars preference (I am in the Meh… Conversation eventually flows with a pleasant enough London-based Disney buff (hereafter referred to as Flounder).

At 21 years old, Flounder is younger than my usual dates, but of the seven male London-based users he is the only one who responded to me, so options are limited. At 4pm on Wednesday, I receive a message: “Lauren to be honest i am a little concerned.

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