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The way that she grabbed the microphone and hijacked the LAPD press conference—that must have appealed to you. I think people like Margaret are so impressive because they've been battling for so long without receiving any help from the authorities at all. I think they want wider political questions asked, they want a congressional Committee looking into how it was possible for the investigation to take so long, why there was so little information coming from the police.

It was incredible to see this great group of women all meet at the Southern California Library on Normandie, a rather amazing library with a lot of history involving the L. You often home in on circumstantial details and contingencies—clearly you're posing the question in , what would have happened if the victims were white?

Ronson was right to single out Broomfield in his article as the best investigator among the so-called Égotistes, less grating than his peers, and less polemic than Moore (which isn't saying much).

Broomfield has developed a knack for approaching his subjects from the outside in, and not only because many of his star interviewees avoid him like the plague.

People in the neighborhood were living on the streets and a lot of the women didn't have a fixed address, they moved around a lot.

Most people were reluctant to take us into their homes, to be seen with and known to be involved with us.

Very often we live in a world where things are very black and white, where most people have a very fixed idea about who they are and who these other people are.

Everyone in New York complains about the car culture in Los Angeles, but there's something about interviews conducted in moving vehicles that has a nice immediacy to it. Well, it's always difficult to get movement into documentaries so I enjoyed shooting in cars.I think that all of these questions still need to be answered.You seem to have discovered a kindred spirit in Margaret Prescod, who founded the Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders.To Broomfield's credit, he is more interested in the social, cultural, and economic circumstances animating his subjects—which has lead some of his less attentive fans to misconstrue his films about Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, Biggie and Tupac, and Aileen Wuornos as corroborating conspiracy theories.While it is true that Broomfield is ineluctably drawn to tabloid fare (his films profile murderers, prostitutes, rock stars, politicians, and white supremacists), his perspective is often more balanced than one might assume.

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Yes, this is far more a portrait of a community and a tale of two cities, a tale of the strange apartheid system that operates in Los Angeles.

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