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"From the data I see, 'Xers aren't a 'woe is me' generation; they're not whiners," he says. We remember the days of pay phones, snail mail, making mix cassette tapes."When they grew up, the old Ozzie and Harriet dynamic was no longer—there was a lot of family break-up. But that doesn't mean we haven't embraced technology—our phone is probably on our bedside table, and we're planning reunions on Facebook and sharing recipes on Pinterest.I hardly call that irrelevant or slacking.) Another comedian, Amy Schumer, has lampooned the ageism insanity in her short "Last F**kable Day," which enlisted Tina Fey, Patricia Arquette, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus as actresses celebrating their expiration date. We may sport an occasional streak of gray, a few wrinkles, a penchant for '80s New Wave (who doesn't) and complain about the occasional aching knee. In fact, we're running companies (Sheryl Sandberg), writing and directing our own TV shows (Tina Fey or Shonda Rhimes), and even First Ladies in the White House (Michelle Obama). A study by the Kauffman Foundation found that people over 55 are almost twice as likely to launch high-growth start-ups as those aged 20 to 34. My own 40- and 50-something friends are a dynamic and diverse group of women.For women, the sting of early-onset ageism hits hardest—men don't seem to have a shelf life on relevance. A financial reporter about to embark on her second marriage. Sharing lifestyles are an important foundation to any relationship.If meeting like-minded Gen X singles is important to you, join Gen XPeople Meet; where online dating is made simple for Generation X singles.

(Not for nothing, the bologna is the good part.) According to the Pew report, "This overlooked generation…is smack in the middle innings of life, which tend to be short on drama and scant of theme." The "short on drama" part may be due to the relaxed sensibility that comes with age and a desire to figure out what's next. Our power is underestimated and often ignored—but it's potent.

Once dubbed slackers, we persevered through a major recession and helped to create and run this digital world.

Taylor suggests were ably prepared to figure out our next move.

A mom with one kid raising her alone while taking care of her aging dad. Somehow, with all of that, a real portrait of the 40- to 50-something woman is missing, or misconstrued, from much of the mainstream media and advertising conversations.

A woman who just came out as a lesbian to her parents. "The mommy blog thing happened for a while, but that's only one piece of a woman's life," says Ann Shoket, former editor-in-chief of but a member of Gen X at 43.

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So they have a certain resilience to family arrangements. We're more discerning about our social media, the people we follow, and the brands we love, according to a 2014 report by She Knows and Harris Interactive.

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  1. Try to take some ownership over why that may have happened. There are lots of places to blow it with online dating. There is always another one right around the corner.