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These creatures have been encountered by many first timers (and even some second and third timers) in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya, much to the chagrin of the unsuspecting mark. It is quite simply a transsexual or transvestite and they are quite common in Thailand. Thai girls typically are small and their hands and feet are very small and petite to match. This can be sometimes confusing because Cambodian girls are typically more muscular than Thai’s, but they are also generally very short and dark skinned. If the girl has a penis (not TOO hard to figure out is it) then she is a ladyboy.

The thing is that many of the Thai ladyboys are actually quite beautiful and unless you know what to look for can be easy to miss, even if you are close up and personal with them. If the girl has lumberjack hands or size 12 heels on there is a distinct possibility she is a he. Many katoeys will go for a grope of your crotch shortly after meeting you and this is the perfect chance for you to return the favor.

Or prejudices when, for example, looking to rent accommodation. Albeit that society and many individuals within it are very accepting.

This might be to do with the general outlook of people in The Philippines.

Of course copious amounts of alcohol doesn’t help matters, so here I’ve put together the top 10 ways to spot a ladyboy or katoey when you’re in Thailand. Sometimes it isn’t as easy to tell if there is a bulge there or not as some ladyboys will go as far as to tuck or even tape their privates up underneath their crotch. If she won’t undress in front of you or wants to have sex in the dark all the time she may be a katoey.

If your girl is muscular or has a hard athletic body there is a chance that she is a katoey.

If the girl is near to 6′ tall then either she is a model or a katoey. If the girl is tall and beautiful and is NOT a model then it’s a good bet she is a ladyboy.

Thai girls are shy in public, but can be quite forward in private and most have very little shyness when it comes to sex.

If there is a question in your mind do a quick grope or throw some surprise light on the subject, it may be YOU who ends up with the bigger surprise. If her group of friends are obvious katoeys themselves then your little lady may be one as well.Of course, there are Transgender people who are hairdressers, beauticians, sales.And also marketing directors and small business owners.And the religious police are clamping down on any activity they do not condone. There are likely no more Trans-pinay in The Philippines than there are Ladyboy people in Sydney, Australia.No more Ladyboys/Transsexuals in Bangkok than there are in London.

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(and, indeed, other Asian societies.) Which was in existence over 500 years ago.

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