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A good example of this was ext/soap, but also ext/rar seems to be using the old markup too. If you go to and look over the methods of the Rar class, you can see they're documented just the same as the functions rar_close(), rar_entry_get(), etc.This isn't handy and makes the search less useful.

Once you're happy with it, tar it up and post it online somewhere, and send an email to [email protected] with the link. links to old files should be in the commit message at least.Regards, D Ok maybe you can help me out on this one then ...I found some great code at : implemented the code and it seems to work fine but when I try to change an attributes value only the first Character changes the rest of the value stays as the original value, very strange...Code will work perfectly for days and then will randomly mess up and change all the time & subjects to the same time/subject even on records it shouldn't be updating.. I already wrote a script that enables me to add a new gig to the list, this was relatively easy...

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