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“The first time I went, I was a deer in the headlights,” said Wood. I still don’t really get jaded about these things, but I was just wide-eyed. First off: Hang out in the bathroom as much as possible.

Wood’s first starring role was in 2001’s Little Secrets, where she played a 14-year-old violinist whose dream is to ace an audition for a youth symphony. She soon starred as a sexually precocious 13-year-old in Thirteen and later a 15-year-old who enters into a relationship with a much older man in Down in the Valley.

For most celebrities, this evening’s Met Gala signifies a chance to dress up and party at a particularly fancy venue. It was exactly one year ago that the actress finally met designer Joseph Altuzarra—the mastermind behind many of her most stunning red carpet suits—in person, when she attended the event as his date.“We spoke after he designed my Golden Globes suit, because me and my stylist Samantha Mc Millan approached him when we knew we were going to do all suits for awards season,” the actress explained.

“But we didn’t actually meet in person until I was in New York for the Met last year.

She has two older brothers--Dana Wood, a musician, and Ira David Wood IV, who has also acted.

Evan Rachel Wood, who's vowed to wear only pants to awards shows this season, turned up at the Screen Actors Guild awards Sunday wearing something else: a non-traditional engagement ring.

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“Wings are sort of a big symbol in my life,” she said.

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