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I personally find very attractive looking girls slightly intimidating, seeing them just makes me think they'll never go for me so often I just skip them altogether.

However at the same time I'm also a very big guy so I'm wondering if there are any females out there that might be intimidated by me.

“It’s weird,” he said contemplatively, staring into a sea of models.

“It wasn’t that I was specifically attracted to ,” Millie clarified recently.

“It just so happened that, about five or six years ago, what was fashionable in terms of male models were thin, tattooed punk boys who looked like they’d just been plucked from a skate park, and It’s true: It’s human nature to want to kiss and touch and penetrate beautiful people.

I have lots of friends and had a few boyfriends who are bigger and more muscular than the average guy but that's after I've got to know them.

I think making yourself out to be friendly somehow, even by holding doors open or smiling etc would make you seem less intimidating.

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