Reason for dating a vietnamese female

The concept of “cheating” ranges from a calculated confession of love to a seemingly solid relationship ending quietly after a romantic getaway in a five star resort. Some of my countrymen told me more than half of the women going after foreigners are gold diggers or want an Australian citizenship for themselves and their “cousin” who’s actually the real boyfriend.

While in the past, most married someone from their own community, nowadays, our choices are limitless.

Crandall holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Arizona.

Foreign men who had a bad experience with Vietnamese women turn to secret groups to lament.

Many of them, both Vietnamese women and foreign men, have said they had felt cheated or mistreated.

There are dozens of secret groups on social media dedicated to both sides.

Vietnamese women heartbroken by foreign men take to these groups to “expose their lies”.

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