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NET and the Java Script on the form that prevented the postback was not being send to the output because it was missing code.

Anyway, in case anyone else is using this rewriting engine, the solution was to change the default implementation of Actionless Form to the following: Public Class Form Inherits System.

Validation can occur on the client if available, or on the server. Inner Writer = writer End Sub Public Overrides Sub Write Attribute(By Val name As String, By Val value As String, By Val f Encode As Boolean) Dim Context As Http Context = Http Context.

The reason why i asked about the master page is that , when dynamic controls are creatd in the web form that are attached to the master page it changes the id of the control when the page is renderd , so instead of giving a dynamic id give static id to ur control assign it your self , if then even you are not able to make it then i will present some piece of code , cant present the piece of code at the time as i am bit busy Dim tb Child First Name As New Text Box() Dim lbl Child First Name As New Label() lbl Child First Name. I thought I'd clean out some unneeded code and replace the manual checking with Required Field Validator controls, but while they appear to be validating, they aren't preventing a postback.Ie., I get my error messages displayed but the postback still occurs.with Required Field Validator i m creating validator but still its not validating my textboxex created dynamically For i = 0 To Me Count - 1 Dim my Label = New Label my Label. Css Class = "sec" Dim my Text Box = New Text Box my Text Box.

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