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What’s really interesting to me is, how different is that from us as people, in terms of how we form our sense of identity and in particular, gender identity?

In terms of Anita, [producers] said "absolutely, Anita could have been a man.

MTV News chatted with Chan over the phone after screening the few episodes, to pick her brain on Anita, the show's central mystery, and the role of women in sci-fi.

How did you approach that; what were the tricks to pulling it off so subtly?You could program a strong, nurturing or maternal instinct into the [female] robot, and then beyond that, the robot’s sense of gender, it would be formed by experiences at the hands of others and the reactions to them.And from how they reacted, that’s how they form their sense of identity.On Sunday night (June 28), AMC will premiere the first installment of its sci-fi British export "Humans" -- and when it does, viewers nationwide will instantly figure out what our friends across the pond already know: that Gemma Chan is a freaking dynamo.In the series, Chan stars as Anita, an artificially intelligent android (called "synths" on the show) who is employed by a new family as their housekeeper in the season premiere.

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