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So it is necessary to determine the decade by looking at the packaging as well.

In the table below are 3 different bottles of Mc Cormick Food Service packaging.

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Has an indentation on both sides for hand hold that is shaped similar to an unfinished pyramid (flat top) 1.5" w at top, 4"h and 2" wide at bottom.Unlike Mc Cormick consumer division products, which began printing expiration dates on products in 2004, most of the Mc Cormick Food Service, Mc Cormick Culinary and Mc Cormick for Chefs products are not labeled with expiration dates.This is because the intended customer base of these items are food service facilities which will often use up a single bottle of spices within a few days or weeks.If you have this bottle it is old and should be discarded.2000-2009 (and 2010) Basically a square shaped bottle that is wider at the bottom and thiner at the top.

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Dimensions: 8"h 3.25"d x 2.5"w Select the bottle type from the caption above and enter the 6 character production date code. If successfully calculated, the date will be shown at top of page in the green message line.

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