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Of these, eight require coverage for behavioral treatment services for the treatment of autism (Arizona, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Texas) and five require other coverage related to autism (Colorado, Georgia, Maryland, New York, and Tennessee).

The purpose of health insurance is to help spread the risk and cost of ailments across broader populations so that the burden of medical expenses does not fall entirely upon individual families. I am hopeful that was can get this legislation moving and join the rest of the country instead of being the last one to act.Yesterday, the New York Times ran a story that New York was very close to becoming the 23rd state in the country to require insurance companies to cover autism treatments.I have several friends who face ,000 in annual medical bills paying for therapy for their children.The governor signed it into law on June 5, 2008 (Public Act 08-132).Based on an on-line search of insurance laws, it appears that 22 other states mandate some amount of coverage for the treatment of autism.

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