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Click "Support." Type the numbers and letters that you recorded in the previous steps and press "Enter." Locate the same numbers and letters on the next page next to the Televisions label and click them to display the support page for your TV. Click the link labeled "Software File" followed by a version number.

Click "Download This File," navigate to the USB drive folder and click "Save" to save the firmware file on the USB drive. Double-click the LG_DTV folder to open it and press "Ctrl-V" to paste the files into the folder.

Double-click the firmware file you downloaded to display the contents of the archive. Insert the USB drive into the USB port on your LG TV.

Select "Start" with the remote control if you get a "TV Software Upgrade" prompt.

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LG issues periodic updates to the firmware for different TV models.

Watch Video Tutorial on Youtube How to update android firmware Features of update firmware There are many different types of firmware that can be installed, which ...

Every Samsung mobile phone or tablet owner needs to know how to upgrade android firmware on Samsung.

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