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Two of these cowardly screws are below the rubber feet to the front of the keyboard; peel the feet off with your thumbnail or a pointy stick.

The other one is behind a sticker marked "DO NOT REMOVE." You know what to do.

Whether schools have funding for curricular or professional development, technical infrastructure, peripherals, support, or maintenance is disregarded in the rush to get computers into children’s hands immediately.

Planning, pilot programs, evaluation, and staged implementation are eschewed.

Negroponte told Engadget that there will be an OLPC 1.5 appearing in January, a 0 update to the current hardware, and an OLPC 1.75 in 2011, which will make good on the dual-screen promise first teased in May this year.As for home use of the laptops, children are initially very excited, but — again, apart from a few inspiring examples — they mainly use them to play simple games that do little else but displace time spent on homework or other forms of play.Within a year or two, the machines start breaking down and most families lack the means to repair them.A handful of inspiring examples, based on terrific efforts by a few innovative teachers or students and backed by armies of volunteers, are touted.But, when examining the broader implementation, we learn that without professional development or curriculum development, and with little of the infrastructure that makes computer use in schools effective, teachers for the most part ignore the computers, which thus go largely unused in schools.

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Meanwhile, huge amounts of money have been wasted that, with better planning, could have improved education in a myriad of ways.

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