Updating your nim base os

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We think this leads to a more robust development process where it’s clearly documented which parts of Nim are bleeding edge and which parts can be relied upon. This release includes a brand new version of Nimble.

The new version contains a breaking change which you should read up on if you own hybrid packages.

The good news is you can get its device name and its vendor name to determine what it is.

Follow steps below to get the device name and its vendor name.

What are the type of core applications that you can apply patches to?

When a NIM client is configured to be booted from the NIM Master, client requests info from server about the boot image.

Internally a Nim string still has the trailing zero for zero-copy interoperability with is now a pragma and a command line switch that can enable specific language extensions, it is not an all-or-nothing switch anymore.

build and capture yearly/bi-yearly WIM updates that you most likely run in your enterprise. Even if your gold image contains products such as Microsoft Office, offline servicing will not apply Office patches even though these are downloaded to your Software Update Point.

However, as much as this process is great to shorten your gold image updates, it’s still not perfect. Only core Windows applications can get patched through this process.

We’ve included three methods you can use to update the driver.

Just choose an easier method to update your Base System Device driver.

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